Shared Studios Website Redesign

Redesign the sites webpage of Shared Studios
July 2020
UX/UI, Visual design.

Accessible and Modern

Shared Studios is a company that aims to embrace the diversity of perspectives. We build many immersive rooms in gold containers worldwide so people can meet, talk, and even sing with each other outside their social bubble. As a result, accessibility becomes one of the priorities in the redesign project. By using the sans-serif typeface, Fira Sans, the information on a smaller screen can be more legible. So the users around the world can access the information about the connection on their device easily.

Navigate the information

The site webpage is the most important part of our website. It enables the visitors to find the physical sites nearby and provides the upcoming connections schedule and booking options. How to make it easy for visitors to quickly find the information that interests them is one of the challenges.

The collapsible site’s content provides a more interactive user experience by filter out the location the visitors are not interested in so they can find the sites they are looking for.

By clicking the site’s location, the website will take the visitor to the detail page of the site. The contact information is showed in the top right area so the visitor can find it easily. The detail page also provides curators’ introduction and upcoming schedule. The visitor can get an overall understanding of what kind of connection will be held and who they will be talking to.

The website also has a mobile version, so the visitor can access the information anytime on any device.

Design Details

The user interface corresponds to a different state of the input.

The schedule part of the website. The section will expand and show more information about a specific connection. The visitor can also sign up for this connection in this state. 

The booking part of the website is divided into two stages. The visitor has to choose the day which is available for booking and then input the personal information to complete the booking.

The confirmation email is the important touchpoint outside the Shared Studios website. It will provide the connection information for the visitor who just signs up for the connection. The vibrant color and fun illustration adds warmth.

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