The Farewell Telescope

The Farewell telescope helps people said a proper good-bye to the thing they love. The user draws dot on the telescope every year. Every dot on the telescope stands for a thing people lost. By using the telescope, people can pretend the thing they lost lives on another planet. The dots fade away as the time passes by. It is a ritual about moving on. 


YuHsing Wu


Every year in this month on the full moon day, I do my own moon ritual. On that night, by using the farewell telescope, I can inspect all the mark I made previously. The mark in the center was made 10 years ago when Grandma passed away. At first, it was a giant spot. Every year, I renew it. But the size of the spot becomes smaller and smaller. Part of me doesn’t want to dismiss the idea that Grandma is still living on another planet. Even if it is just a little girl's fantasy. It makes me feel better. The marker ink fades away easily. If I don’t renew it every year, it will disappear. Some spots I made this year I can’t remember what they stand for. I decide to keep it that way. Let them fade by themselves.

Yu-Hsing Wu is 
living and working
in New York City