Sick of scrolling on Netflix just want to find something to watch? Popcorn recommends movies based on your friends' recent view activities. 


September 2020 


There are too many resources where you can find lists of must-watch movies. We spend lots of time online reading strangers' reviews and recommendations. But it isn’t always easy to find good recommendations, especially after you’ve watched most of the famous titles. We often feel like we need our personal shopper – for movies.


Popcorn is a site that makes the process of finding a movie to watch more productive. You can keep track of the movies you watched and want to watch. Also getting a first-hand and genuine review from your friends. 

Visual Core



Let's Start Exploring!




Recommend the most popular movie based on the reviews from your friends.

Add to List

Start to build your own movie list with just one click on the homepage.

Streaming Gem

Recommend underrated films available to the streaming service you subscribe to.

Movie Page

Film Score

The general film score and your personalized score.

Genuine Review

The first-hand reviews from the people you know.

Personal Page

Make a List

The personal movie list is useful when you want to track what you want to watch. The shared list takes the stress out of deciding what to watch at your next movie night.

Decide Faster

Create a poll with the movies on your list.


Many of us doing quick research on our phones nowadays. As a result, creating an optimal mobile experience is also essential. 

Make it simple

The app keeps the experience simple and straightforward by removing extra functions

At a glance

The movie page has all the information you need to know about. 

Gather opinions in minutes!

Decide what to watch with just one click.

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Yu-Hsing Wu is 
living and working
in New York City