More than one Life

Every spring as students move off campus, dormitory hallways, quads, Dumpsters, and the streets of surrounding neighborhoods are strewn with lightly worn but unwanted futons, lamps, textbooks, minifridges, kitchenware, and laundry supplies. Most of it winds up in a junkyard.


A few months later, college students and their families arrive on campus hauling truckloads of newer, shinier versions of those same items.


More than one Life is a system makes moving more easily and more sustainable. 


YuHsing Wu


There is a two months gap between the students who graduated and the student who just start their school life. 

Feature 01/


Follower System


Follow the style you like before he or she starts to sell their furniture. 

Feature 02/


School Email


Only the school email can register in the system.

Feature 03/




Not only the user can upload the furniture they want to sell but also the pictures can show their personal lifestyle.