More Than

One Life 

More Than One Life is a service that makes moving more easily and more sustainable for the students.


Feb 2017 - April 2017


Every spring as students move off-campus, dormitory hallways,  dumpsters, and the streets of surrounding neighborhoods are strewn with lightly used but unwanted items, like lamps, textbooks, minifridges, and kitchenware. Unfortunately, most of it winds up in a junkyard.
Two months later, college students and their families arrive on campus hauling truckloads of newer, shinier versions of those same items.


-    Most of the items are thrown out in good condition.
-    There is two months gap between freshman arrival and graduation
-    The current trading website classified the items by functions.
-    Too many scams and no shows.
-    Lack of genuine interaction. 


-    Discussed the student's needs.
-    Identified what role does the school want to play
in the scenario.
-    Documented the target user portrait. 

"I just don't have time to haggle with craigslist people."

"I'm kind of leery to pick anything up from anyone that I do not know at all."

In the research stage, I found the current service to let the users feel unsafe and inconvenient to sell or donate the items. How to make the service trustworthy and easy to use will be the key feature in the design.


-     Straightforward and intuitive design 
-     Add the following and followers' functions in the system.
-     Working with local storage service to bridge the gap.
-     Exclusive for students to use. Can only register by school email.

How it works?


Only a certified school email can be registered as a user.


Take a photo directly in the app or choose it from the photo gallery.

Create profile

By upload the house and furnitures photo, the users create a page represent their own aesthetic. 


Find the furniture by browsing the real people's house.


Message each other to ask question and talk in detail.


The user will be notified when the items have updates.

Yu-Hsing Wu is 
living and working
in New York City