Daily Expeller

This project creates a new way to manufacture and consume the cold-press oil we eat every day. Using nuts or seeds, the user can make their own homemade oil before cooking.


YuHsing Wu

JyhZern Shen

PoChun Chiu

Product Detail


Few factories still made cold-pressed oil by hand in Asia. Our approach was to start visit the traditional factories, then distill their procedure detail down to four steps which are frying, grinding, steaming, and expelling.

Trail runs

Carpenter's clamp


Using the clamp to press a bag of walnuts. Not many oil can expel in this process.

The force of expelling was too strong made the clamp cracked.



Expelling Type A

Expelling Type B

Grinding & Frying

Frying & Steaming

Awarded as DMY International Design Festival, Berlin Germany

2015 New Talents