Lineup helps the users organize, track, and manage their everyday work.


Sep 2020 - Oct 2020


We all have those days that we have millions of things to do, but we don't know where to start it. The client's logo sent through the email, the full set of photos saved on the desktop, and the last minutes change phone call from the supervisor. Nowadays, there are too many ways to communicate, and all information and files are scattered in all directions. We need a service to help us, our team, and our company to stay organized. 

A good task managing tool should be

-    Easy to make updates or changes when needed.
-    Visualize how the project is developing and what’s left to do.
-    Easily organize and prioritize your task.  
-    Helps people to collaborate with each other.

Daily Briefing

The dashboard gives the user an overview of what is on their plate so they won't miss the important information. 

Task List

The tasks are layout in different columns based on their status. The user can also switch between the personal and the team task to get more understanding of the project progress. 


The message function lets the user communicate with each other directly. Sharing files, sending a link, and ask a quick question are happen with just one click. 


The user can view their schedule in this section. The meeting happens today are on the left, so the user can jump in the zoom meeting in a second. The overview section on the right helps the user get the big picture of 
Yu-Hsing Wu is 
living and working
in New York City