A World without Touch 

Some time in the near future:


You wake up and get ready for your work. The last thing you do before leaving the house is to place your hands in the pocket. Like the people put their credit card in the wallet in the past. It is a sleek and polished world where fingerprint grants you control of a vehicle or opens a locked door with a drop of saliva. People’s identification is the things that you carry with you other than the things you remember. The touching physical thing is risking nowadays. Shaking hands is not a friendly greeting, but a hazardous activity. Hacker with just one touch can invade your personal life. 


YuHsing Wu

The project creates a circumstance that encourages us to transcend our own perspective. The foods on plate are chopped into even squares. The micro vacuum inside the mask enable the foods be transported directly to diners’ mouths without touching any tableware.

Other Project

Yu-Hsing Wu is 
living and working
in New York City